Software with Artificial Reasoning
Our intelligent software program has an inductive and deductive automated reasoning. It can find and display implicit information that is not explicitly mentioned in the text, not contained in the synonyms of the particular word, or present in the concept the word belongs to. No statistical analysis or concordance based analysis can detect this information. Nevertheless, this implicit information is present and understood, implicitly, consciously or unconsciously, by everybody who reads the text.
Sector: Information Technology
Country: Switzerland
Area of Application: This implicit information will help the search engines find more accurately the information we are looking for. A software, capable of artificial reasoning can find application in many other technical areas where independent and reliable decision making, based on written information, is required. Operating System or robots or computer hardware or portable devices, computers for vehicles, human robots, intelligent artificial pet animals, the language education industry, the military industry, etc., in fact, all spheres where text processing and artificial reasoning is needed.
Keywords: logical inference, artificial reasoning, artificial intelligence, automated reasoning,
Advantages: There are no software programs with automated reasoning based on Natural Language sentences on the market, in order to compare. Our program requires understanding of the meaning of the sentence in order to make a logical conclusion. There are no such programs on the market that show understanding of the meaning of each sentence in the text and make a logical conclusion or paraphrase the sentence, preserving its meaning.
Environmental aspects: Not Applicable
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Patent in Progress
Technical specifications: Windows
Transfer Terms: Others , Sale of the Business with its Technology
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Estimated cost (US$): 36000000
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Contact Person: owner
Address: Seestrasse 30
City: Walenstadt
Country: Switzerland
Zip/Pin Code: 8880

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