A Library of New Small Molecules With Potential Applications as Anticancer, Antiviral Drugs
BACKGROUND Nucleosides are compounds containing a purine or pyrimidine base linked to a sugar. A recent modification strategy involves spiroannulation of sugar backbone in nucleosides and having access to collections of distinctive small molecules (analogues) by modifying the sugar backbone, is important for identifying new therapeutic candidates for various viral diseases and cancer. Current schemes follow “one scheme one nucleoside” approach – which is very limiting as each modification has to done separately. TECHNOLOGY DESCRIPTION NCL’s technology provides a strategy that allows synthesizing spironucleosides with enormous flexibility to modulate the substituents and properties of the resulting compounds at the final/penultimate steps. The provision to manipulate the substrate flexibility allows this approach to yield a small library of modified nucleosides without synthesizing every compound from the beginning.
Sector: Pharmaceuticals
Country: India
Area of Application: · Drug discovery · Developing therapeutics for various diseases, genetic disorders and infections · Anti viral and anti cancer agents · Chemical genetics · Identifying new drug candidates
Keywords: drug discovery, spiroannulation, nucleosides, anti-viral, anti-cancer, library of molecules
Advantages: · Cycloaddition process used is of high synthetic efficiency · These libraries significantly reduce drug development time and efforts · Good yield in the presence of the recommended catalysts · Easy and flexible penultimate bicycloannulation step involved
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Development Status: Laboratory Model
Legal Protection: Patent
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Contact Person: National Chemical Laboratory, CSIR
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