Nanoparticle-Polymer Complex for Sustained Release of Oral Care Products
BACKGROUND Conventional layer-by-layer preparation scheme for preparing such nanoparticle-polymer multilayer complexes requires excessive use of polyanions and polycations with cumbersome separation process involved. TECHNOLOGY DESCRIPTION NCL scientists have developed a process for constructing nanoparticle-polymer complex for sustained release of active agents for oral care (for applications in toothpastes and oral rinses). Polymer multilayers are built up layer by layer on nanoparticles of 5-50 nm, consisting of a water repelling (hydrophobic) shell around a core of multiply (polyanion and polycation) charged material (the core can be of inorganics as silica, titania and/or clay) and encompassing outer layer with an affinity to the tooth enamel.
Sector: Nanotechnology
Country: India
Area of Application: Oral hygiene application- sustained release of antimicrobial/ flavour compounds
Keywords: oral active agents, nanoparticle polymer multilayer complex, sustained release
Advantages: · Precisely controlled polymer multilayers can be built on nanoparticles without the requirement of the cumbersome separation step after each coating of the polymer layers · Active compounds localised as per the requirement by fine tuning the outer layer of the complexes- retained in the complex despite extensive rinsing with water · Enables designing systems that can anchor and retain on the surface enamel of the teeth for extended periods by adjusting the ionic strengths
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Development Status: Laboratory Model , Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Patent
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Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
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Contact Person: National Chemical Laboratory, CSIR
Address: A208, PAML Building, National Chemical Laboratory Dr Homi Bhabha Road,
City: Pune
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 411007

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