An improved wood burning metallic cook stove is presently designed and fabricated. During test, measured thermal efficiency is found 28.3%. Smoke emission is also reduced. Wood sticks, twig etc. can be used as fuel in this stove. Power output rating of the present prototype is 2.5Kw per hour. Cost of the stove is within economical limit.
Sector: Energy
Country: India
Area of Application: For the use in rural area both for domestic and community cooking purpose according to the size of the stove.
Keywords: fuel rest plate.
Advantages: 1.High thermal efficiency with reduced rate of smoke emission. 2. In the stove, primary air is supplied throughout the perforated circumferential wall at the lower part of combustion chamber for better mixing with wood fuel during combustion. 3.In addition to typical preheating system of secondary air while passes through annular air passage surrounded the combustion chamber wall, primary air is also preheated in this stove while comes in contact with perforated lower circumferential wall of the combustion chamber.4. The primary air is entered through perforated wall located above the fuel rest plate, not through conventional grate at bottom so that, deposited ash on fuel rest plate cannot be able to block the air passage for primary air entry. 5.Ash removal is very easy, just by opening of holding clip of fuel rest plate. 6. Sliding cover plate of fuel feed opening prevents entry of outside cold air inside of combustion chamber.
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production , Energy efficiency
Development Status:  
Legal Protection: Patent in Progress
Technical specifications: Cross sectional area of combustion chamber = Cross sectional area of solid fuel rest plate = Cross sectional area of larger diameter portion of stove = Cross sec.
Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Joint Venture , Technology Licensing , Research Partnerships
Target Countries: India
Estimated cost (US$): 20
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