1 mw Direct Drive PMSG Wind Turbine Generator as per GL2010
Let me introduce you , the first and only Indian company to design all the major components of the Wind Turbine. One of the five worldwide to develop direct drive wind turbine as per German standards GL2010, certified by TUV Nord Hamburg. For the long term development of wind energy, it is essential to have a manufacturing base to manufacture wind turbine parts and components. This leads to development of trained manpower, faster production and installations of more WTG. We present a unique opportunity in comparison to other design/manufacturing companies. We have complete design and manufacturing capability of all the major components of wind turbine. This design and technology brings down the cost of wind energy. As you may be aware, Direct drive PMSG technology commands a premium in market due to higher PLF and low maintenance. We design all components from scratch. We have manufacturing unit to make following components. 1) Blade 2) PMSG Generator 3) Direct Drive WTG 4) Control System 5) Mechanical components like, Main frame, Tower, Nacelle, Nose cone . This gives us a significant advantage over other manufacturers in terms of logistics, planning and costs. This WTG is designed keeping in mind requirements of emerging markets which have infrastructure and capital limitations. The cost per MW : ex-factory Eur 500k At this cost, you can install nearly double the capacity as compared to existing Wind turbines. We want to do technology transfer to make WTG in other countries. This will further reduce the cost of turbine and lead to more installations. This leads to installations of more WTG and trained manpower to maintain WTG.
Sector: Energy, Power, Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: Energy, Wind Energy, Power generation,
Keywords: Energy, Wind Energy, Power generation,
Advantages: Reduces cost by more than 40% as compared to other manufacturer, reduces maintenance by 70%
Environmental aspects: Cleaner Production
Development Status: Commercial Prototype
Legal Protection: Others
Technical specifications: EX-55 1 MW DD WTG ROTOR DIA = 55m Blade - XT-27 Gearbox : No Gearbox ; Direct drive generator: 1 MW PMSG Tower : 60m Tubular Steel
Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Technical Services , Joint Venture , Equipment Supply , Technology Licensing
Target Countries: Bahrain, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Viet Nam, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Pakistan, Philippines, Russian Federation, South Korea
Estimated cost (US$): 10,000,000
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Contact Person: Abhinav Bhatnagar
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 462046

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