High-speed charging electro cars with solar technologies
The electric vehicle charging system consists of a 19,680 W photovoltaic module, a 20 kW hybrid inverter, and a 38.4 kW lithium-ion battery
energy storage system (EST). The inverter controls the flow of electricity between different power sources. It has an array of photovoltaic
modules and two DC ports connected to the EST and two AC ports connected to the local mains and the electric car charger, respectively.
Photovoltaic module power can be used to charge an electric vehicle, store energy in batteries, or transmit power to the grid. The energy
stored in the EST can be used to charge the electric vehicle or connect it to the mains. Photovoltaic modules can provide electricity to charge
an electric vehicle via the EST and a local area network. An automatic control strategy has been developed to maximize the energy of the
photovoltaic modules used for charging and to reduce the demand for electricity. Depending on the availability of network power, the
charging station is connected to the network and individual operating modes are developed when the photovoltaic module is connected
to the mains in the operating mode. If more power is needed, the rest of the power is supplied by batteries or the mains. If the photovoltaic
module is not connected, the energy is stored in the battery, and if the battery is fully charged, the excess power is transferred to the mains.
Sector: Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: Uzbekistan
Area of Application: With the help of solar photovoltaic systems with energy storage systems adapted to the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan, it is possible to
install a fast charger for electric vehicles operating in parallel with the local power grid in remote areas of Uzbekistan. Excess energy generated
by solar photovoltaic systems with energy storage systems is used as an energy source in the establishment of small service stations.
Environmental aspects: Energy efficiency , Environmental Protection
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Technical specifications: • The main controller is a 32-bit industrial-grade microprocessor.
• Level 1 gauges are used to accurately measure the charging capacity of electric vehicles.
• The device is equipped with an additional temperature sensor to prevent the internal temperature from rising and even has the ability
to completely stop the charger and signal unusual temperatures.
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Target Countries: India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Estimated cost (US$): Together with the solar photovoltaic system: USD 40,200
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