Development of a basic corset called “SASH” in the treatment of intervertebral disc herniation
The basal corset works for the rapid, effective, and uncomplicated treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis and disc herniation, which results
from degenerative and disturbing changes in the pulp nuclei of the intervertebral discs.
The essence of the base corset is that it wraps around the waist like a mandrel, supports the center of the hips of the waist brace, and leads
to keeping the body upright.. Mobilization helps to strengthen the addition of power to the weak among them. The development of the
corset has helped in import-substitution for treating severe injuries and reduction of demand for the drug.
Sector: Medical Technologies
Country: Uzbekistan
Area of Application: 1. Employees of all state enterprises who work in a chair for 4-5 hours
2. Pharmacies
3. Centers for neurology and vertebraology
4. Private clinics
Keywords: Health
Advantages: Nowadays, there are many types of such corsets, and their specific disadvantages are enough. For example, orthopedic corsets ($ 22)
only serve to maintain the accuracy of the spine and prevent scaliosis, but they are almost useless in disc herniation. A bandage ($ 5)
protects this belt from additional loads and helps distribute the load properly. Fixation corsets ($ 13) fix the lumbar region at the spine,
mainly to prevent additional misalignment of the lumbar region. Apparently, almost all of these tools are used for secondary prophylactic
purposes and to prevent post-disease complications, but they cannot cure disc herniation. Their function and coating are also
simple and that’s why some corsets come at low prices. The basic corset we have developed is used not only for fixation purposes but
also in the treatment of the early stages of spinal disc herniations and degenerative and dysplastic diseases of the spine, and in the
prevention of similar diseases.
Environmental aspects: Healthcare
Development Status:  
Legal Protection: Copyright
Technical specifications: At present, we have all the required inverters and raw materials, which meet the requirements of economic savings. Currently, the amount
of equipment and necessary inverters required for the project is 154 million. The main workforce of the company is 8 people.
Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
Target Countries: Uzbekistan
Estimated cost (US$): The cost of one orthopedic corset is $ 13,7. The selling price of one orthopedic corset is $ 22. The cost of one fixation corset is $ 19,5. The selling price of one piece of fixation corset is $ 280,000.
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