Lime calcination & hydration
We are keen to set up a “Production facility” where we can provide the following. Limestone (Various Grades/Sizes) Quick lime (Fines/Rice/Pebble/Lump) Hydrated Lime (Various % & Mesh sizes) Dolime · We want to set a stand-alone Lime calcinations Plant. Thinking on following options 1.) 2*300- Vertical shaft kiln 2.) One 300 Tpd Regenerative Double shaft 3.) One 700-900 tpd preheater rotary kiln lime plant · Hydration plant 100-200 tpd for Hydrated Lime · We are also looking for a Micronising plant for our ore. At present the plants around our mine are using Coal, Pet coke as fuel, we intend to do the same. We are at present looking for Plan with emphasis on Energy Efficiency Of following Process/ Pyro Process 1. Strategic fuel identification, storage and preparation 2. Calcinations of limestone 3. Quicklime processing 4. Quicklime hydration and slaking 5. Storage, handling and transport We also like to have suggestions on the following · · Recommendations for the product that are likely to have some prolonged shortage over the next 5 years · Alternative options for using the resources of our mine having 75 millon ton reserve of limestone
Sector: Other Technologies n.e.c.
Country: India
Area of Application: Lime For steel, Mettlurgy, paper, sugar, Agriculture, Asphalt,Environment
Keywords: Lime calcination & hydration
Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Joint Venture
Project Type: Start Up
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Assistance From Partner: Consultancy or may be a Joint venture
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