Low Cost Operating Crematorium
Presently the energy cost of srilanka is very high due to the price of the world market. Majority of the crematorias in Sri Lanka are fuelled on L.P. Gas. To reduce the operational cost I would like to reuest a system which is fueled by alternative energy system. We prefer firewood as energy source to L.P.Gas as the firewood is abundantly available in SriLanka. At the same time we prefer the system which can cremate a human body completelywithin a period of 60 minutes.
Sector: Energy
Country: Sri Lanka
Area of Application: energy, cremation, incineration
Keywords: firewood, crematorium, burning, incineration
Transfer Terms:
Studies: Feasibility Report , Environmental Impact Studies (EIA/EIS) , Others
Project Type: Expansion/Modernisation
Target Countries:
Estimated cost (US$):
Assistance From Partner: would like to request the complete technological p
Additional Information: all the technical details with drawings are required including the circuit diagrams
Contact Person: ministry of science and technology
Address: nerd centre, srilanka
City: jaela
Country: Sri Lanka
Zip/Pin Code:

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