Calcined Lime / Calcium Carbonate
We are manufacturers of high-grade calcined lime (calcium oxide) manufactured from ‘gas fired vertical shaft lime kiln’. This new technology of calcined lime produces a high-grade product, which is devoid of any external impurities (such as carbon, silica, sulphur, etc. added in the case of mix-fuel domestic kilns - burning of coal with limestone) enabling us to have calcined lime with CaO +95%, SiO2 & MgO less then 1%. No traces of Sulphur & Carbon.
Sector: Chemicals
Country: India
Area of Application: Calcined Lime is used in Steel, Glass, Ceremic, Chemcial and various other industries.
Keywords: Lime Calcine Lime Qucik Lime Burnt LimeCalcium Oxide
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Studies: Feasibility Report , Others
Project Type: Expansion/Modernisation
Target Countries: Finland, Germany, UK of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (the), India, Italy
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Assistance From Partner: We shall like to have partnership/JV
Additional Information: The market demand for calcined lime in INDIA, specifically high grade calcined lime
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Country: India
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