Paper Recycling
Our aim is to set up a paper recycling plant to recover waste paper and recycle it . This initiative is ideal in solving the problem of waste management in Nigeria especially in the south east and will also help drive to preserve the environment and nature by saving trees.
Sector: Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: Nigeria
Area of Application: Process industries, pulp and paper technology Waste management, Conservation of terrestrial ecosystem/habitat as this project will discourage defforestation
Keywords: Cost of establishing paper recycling plant Inventory of equipment/machinery required Technology involved
Transfer Terms:
Studies: Environmental Impact Studies (EIA/EIS)
Project Type: Start Up
Target Countries: Nigeria
Estimated cost (US$): 10000
Assistance From Partner: Technical assistance/Consultancy
Additional Information: The paper recycling plant when established will create a lot of job opportunities in the manufacturi
Contact Person: Holy Family Catholic Church PH
Address: Woji Occupation Promoters Cooperative and Credit Investment Society(WOPICS) Holy Family Catholic Church, Federal Housing Estate Woji P.O Box 460 Port Harcourt, Rivers State
City: Port Harcourt
Country: Nigeria
Zip/Pin Code: +234

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