At present am Interesting in ‘Heating & Cooling’ of Space i.e. Flats, Housing, etc. AC’s etc. Light, Fans & Cooking Meals in Urban / Rural Areas of India. Immediately Required a ‘PROTOTYPE in NCR Region of India Near Delhi for Public / Govt. Inspection / Awareness. On Approval 600 Pieces (PROTOTYPE) 25’x25’x20’ Space will be Required in 600, One Each in a District, District lator & Urban areas on ‘Mass’ Production for 0.7 million villages of India utilising renewable energies.
Sector: Renewable Energy Technologies
Country: India
Area of Application: All India 0.7x106 Villages in India and Urban Area of India.
Keywords: PROTOTYPE, Then applications for Flats / Housing Depending on Topography of an Area, Technology will be used i.e. Solar/ Hydro / Wind / Hybrid.
Transfer Terms: Joint Venture , Equipment Supply
Studies: Environmental Impact Studies (EIA/EIS)
Project Type: Start Up
Target Countries: Afghanistan, , , , People’s Republic of China, India, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Estimated cost (US$): 5000
Assistance From Partner: Prototype to be made for HEATING & COOLING of a sp
Additional Information: Once PROTOTYPE is APPROVED by Govt./ Public then 600 PROTOTYPE will be installed in 600 Districts of
Address: C-11/C Gangotri Enclave, Alaknanda New Delhi-110019
City: New Delhi
Country: India
Zip/Pin Code: 110019

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