Rain bringiing technology
I have invented the technology of bringing rain. I have invented this technology in such type that even when clouds are not there in first phase of experiment first the clouds comes and remains in sky for four days during this four days at the second phase of experiment raining starts. The rain comes heavely and after that a low pressure is created in the sea which brings rain in entire area of two three state. The experiment of bringing rain in rainy and summer . The rain comes by driving the vehicle with my tehnique which i have developed.When the vehicle is drived for 200 kms and if 200 kms is considered as diameter ,Then the area equal 8 pi r gets sorrounded by clouds and rain starts.Sir,I done the experiment on 9 th of April of bringing rain. The clouds surrounded upto the konkan area I wish of giving my technology if I get founds. The technique which i have invented is having 100 % result bringing rain. The technique which i have developed is based upon the Universal Law of thermodynamics which is responsible for briging rain .The universal Law of thermodynamics which i found gives result of bringing rain more than 30 times. When there is need of rain the experiment has to be done the rain comes within 6-7 days the experiment creates the effect in atmosphere due to which the clouds remains for four to 5 days. I done experiment on 16 th April 2010 and there was heavy rain on 17th in Sangli, Satara District of 60 mm i have done successfull experiment in summer 2009 .This technology has the similar effect on atmosphere when the experiment is done
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