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I am interested to know the details on the development and implementation of new environmental technologies, particularly from the company providing top level support in dealing with economic and profitable recycling and reutilisation of domestic and industrial waste as well as plastic waste and used tyres for production of high performance roofing materials, pavement tiles, automobile bumpers, shoe soles and other goods.
Sector: Environment
Area of Application: The process to have applications such as (a) recycling of municipal and industrial wastes, (b) recycling of plastic wastes, (c) recycling of used tyres, (d) in building industry (high performance roofing and floor tiles, pavement stones and road barriers), (e) in canalisation (hanging sieves, drainage components), and (f) in automobile industry (bumpers, protection systems, mirrors etc.).
Keywords: New environmental technology, Recycling of municipal and industrial waste, Recycling of plastic waste, Recycling of used tyres, High performance roofing and floor tiles, Pavement stones, Road barriers, Automobile bumpers, Automobile protection systems, Consumer goods, shoe soles.
Transfer Terms: Consultancy , Joint Venture , Technical Services
Project Type: Start Up
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