Ceramic Slurry Coating/Impregnation Technology Requirement
We have an urgent requirement for a ceramic slurry coating / impregnation technology, used to produce ceramic filtration media from a reticulated polymer foam substrate. Currently reticulated polymer foam filters, with ppi (pores per linear inch) ranging from 20 - 6 ppi, are coated with a ceramic slurry by first impregnating via submerged rollers, then spraying a more diluted version of the same slurry composition. When considering a coarse foam a strand thickness of 1-3mm is deposited during the impregnation process, and less than 1mm is added during the spray process. The spray process is a continuous one and the drying is done in batches. The process of spray, air knife and dry, is performed twice on each side of the filter (4-spray process). 30-50% of the total filter weight is added by spraying. The spray slurry viscosity is around 2.7 – 3.1 PaS and the solids content is approx. 60-70% (depending on the end product) The filters are then dried and fired prior to use. The application methods currently used result in a product where the coating is not sufficiently even and homogeneous throughout the filter, leading to possible inconsistent performance. Specifically, the spraying process can result in:- Inconsistent weight deposition Inconsistent layer thickness Inconsistent spray patterns Operator induced variabilities Cost and time constraints due to multiple dryings The ceramic coating compositions currently used are considered satisfactory to meet the very rigorous and demanding conditions the filters have to endure. We are therefore seeking novel technology to increase the consistency / precision of the applied ceramic coating and the overall performance of the filter. Solutions could involve:- New coating techniques New impregnation techniques New materials technology New processing equipment / parameters Centrifuge systems are already used in some industries but are very expensive to implement.
Sector: Ceramics & Glass
Country: United Kingdom
Area of Application: Ceramic filters made from a reticulated polymer foam substrate
Keywords: Ceramic, Coating, Materials
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Studies: Others
Project Type: New Idea
Target Countries: World Wide
Estimated cost (US$): 10000
Assistance From Partner: Step-change in application methodology of ceramic
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Contact Person: Strategic Allies Ltd.
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Country: United Kingdom
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