Walk-in bath
We are seeking a new walk-in bath design which allows the bather to both enter and exit the bath-tub whilst it is full of water. Walk-in baths are typically used by the elderly, infirm or those with reduced mobility, to overcome the problems associated with having to climb into and out of a conventional bath-tub. Walk-in baths, as the name suggests, are accessed via a door in the side of the tub, to allow users to literally walk in and out of the bath. Unfortunately this means that the user has to enter the bath when empty, and then wait while the water fills up. Not only is there a risk of the water being too hot or too cold as it enters the bath, but the bather is exposed to the unpleasant / potentially unhealthy chilling environment as they wait for the bath to fill. In exiting the bath the situation is even worse as the bather is now wet and rapidly getting cold, as they wait for the water to drain out before being able to open the door and exit the bath. No walk-in bath is currently approved by Occupational Therapists, both for the reasons above, and that existing designs still have a small lip/step to enter the bath (so preventing some users from safely using it). We are therefore seeking a novel design to allow the user to enter and exit the bath easily, and to give the impression of entering a full bath of water. Any new design should provide for: • A means to enter the bath, via a walk-in door (at floor level) • Instant access to a full bath of water • Safe and easy to operate by the bather alone, i.e. not requiring assistance or supervision • Retail price close to current walk-in baths • Suitability for approval by Occupational Therapists • Fit within existing bath / walk-in bath foot-space Solutions not of interest: • Faster speed filling and draining as a replacement for entering a full bath (unless in conjunction with other design / technology) • Ladders, ramps, hoists or other means to gain access to the bath The following design solutions have been suggested, but to our knowledge do not exist commercially or do not fulfil all the requirements. However, we would be interested in individuals or groups who could provide further details on developed solutions, or alternative technologies:- o Separate reservoir / double skinned bath to hold bath water / allow instant draining o Built-in seat moving device to transport user into full bath o Powered drainage device to pump water out of bath Background to Client: Our client is a £multi-million UK company specialising in the design and manufacture of high quality bathroom products, having brand names synonymous with excellent design, continual innovation and guaranteed performance. The company’s history of cutting-edge design and disruptive technologies allows them to differentiate themselves within the marketplace and to supply products that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing and which also enhance the bather’s experience and provide a feeling of comfort, relaxation, security and well-being. The company is interested in providing the next-generation walk-in bath that offers an enhanced experience to existing users, whilst allowing a new set of users to benefit from a bath experience. The company is interested in innovative products ready for commercialisation, design solutions, and enabling technologies from inventors, academia or companies interested in partnership. Intellectual property is important and opportunities should be patented / patentable.
Sector: Ceramics & Glass
Country: United Kingdom
Area of Application: Walk-in bath for the less abled
Keywords: design solution, bath
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