Sources of post-consumer waste streams as potential alternatives for existing limestone filler materials
We are actively searching for knowledge, expertise and supply of post-consumer waste streams which could be used as filler components in the manufacturing of new indoor building/construction materials. A post-consumer material could be classified as �material collected/recovered from products only after they were used for the purpose for which they were originally manufactured� or a �finished material that would normally be discarded as waste after having completed its life cycle�. The filler is a large proportion of the final product and its content can range from 10 � 80%, to add bulk to or extend expensive polymers, resins, etc. Currently, limestone fillers are used for this purpose and are sourced either as virgin material or from post-industrial waste. The ideal sustainable material should have the following characteristics:- Technical characteristics - Gravity: 2-3 (Particle density: 2-3 g/cm3) - Low particle size (10-100�m) - Good conductivity and overall heat transfer properties - Inert and non-toxic (ideally no heavy metal content) - Stable up to ~ 250�C - Not too hard, i.e. can be sheared, cut etc. - Mildly alkaline / neutral - Low moisture content (<1%). Market parameters - Relatively inexpensive ( < �50/tonne) - Potential for volume supply ( > 5 tonne/annum) Whilst sustainable limestone based materials are an obvious fit to replace existing sources, the client is very interested to find alternative materials that could fit with some of the above criteria � all materials will be considered depending on the criteria they fulfil (i.e. exceeding the performance of one criteria, might negate the need for another). Additionally, we are interested to learn of innovative recycling and processing technologies that will enable production of appropriate materials. Perhaps you have identified a relevant source of waste, and are developing equipment to process this into commercial quantities of material. Our client is a leader in the world-wide manufacture of indoor building materials (e.g. sheet and roll materials) and is committed to ensuring their products remain at the forefront of sustainability and technical performance. The company philosophy is to continually innovate and provide technical and environmental advantages to the supplier, installer and end user, before the market demands it. By pushing the boundaries of materials innovation and manufacturing processes, they ensure their products are truly market defining. The company is able to provide R&D facilities to further develop appropriate solutions, but is particularly keen to find a supplier able to provide a continuing source of materials for the next generation of products. They are willing to consider relevant collaboration opportunities, including joint development, licensing and R&D relationships and are most interested in opportunities that will allow them some form of exclusivity or the opportunity to be first to market.
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