Seeking Small, Portable, Non-invasive and Drug Free Solutions for Regular and Chronic Pains
We are working with a leading provider of consumer lifestyle and healthcare products that is actively searching for truly innovative technologies, products and devices to provide drug-free pain relief to those suffering from regular or chronic pain. We are therefore interested in to find opportunities in the following areas:- Solutions to relieve consumers from regular (daily / weekly / monthly) pain such as:- - Back (muscular) pain - Headaches / migraines - Women’s menstrual cramps - Arthritis / joint pain Solutions should have the following characteristics:- - Provide an alternative to drugs / medicines - Non-invasive (possibly contact-less) and easy to use - Preferably allow discrete use under clothes / be invisible - Portable and personalisable - Proven efficacy Any proposed solution however must provide consumers with a real and perceived benefit. Therapies of interest include: ultrasound, light, heat, pressure, electro-magnetic, laser, infra-red, bio-stimulation, massage, sound, etc. Devices can be reusable or disposable with suitable price points. Solutions which combine more than one therapy could also be of interest. Platform technologies to enable device with multiple applications / attachments are of particular interest, as are opportunities to adapt technology from professional / hospital use to consumer use – e.g. scaling down large devices to hand-held. Alternatively using the principles of invasive treatments such as acupuncture and providing a non-invasive device. Preventative devices, e.g. to prevent a known pain, are also of interest. The use of an integral consumable element (e.g. topically applied cream or gel) to accompany a device could be of interest, but only where both parts are necessary in order for the treatment to be effective Opportunities should have some evidence of function, such as working prototypes, consumer trials, clinical / lab data, and preferably approval for use on humans in at least one country. Whilst IP is a benefit, the company will consider products that have secret know-how or expertise / strong brand. The client company is a leader in innovative design and branding of products and is able to offer any potential partner the benefit of extensive marketing and cost-effective manufacturing. All this enables a speedy entrance to market through established marketing channels. We are willing to explore any reasonable commercial arrangements, including licensing in, strategic alliances, partnering arrangements or even outright acquisition.
Sector: Electrical & Electronics
Country: United Kingdom
Area of Application: Non-invasive, drug-free pain relief for regular and chronic pains
Keywords: non-invasive, ultrasound, light, laser, infra-red, bio-stimulation
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Studies: Others
Project Type: Diversification
Target Countries: World Wide
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Contact Person: Strategic Allies Ltd.
Address: The Red & White House 113, High Street Berkhamsted, U.K HP4 2 DJ
City: Berkhamsted
Country: United Kingdom
Zip/Pin Code: HP4 2DJ

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