Innovative Materials for Use in Domestic Cookware (ceramics, plastics, composites, additives to improve silicone); Innovative Cooking Products for Microwaves; New cooking Methods
We are currently working with a market leader of innovative cooking products and accessories who is actively seeking novel materials, technologies, products and designs for modern society’s way of making cooking and eating healthy, convenient - and fun ! Product development is driven by design, quality and functionality, leading to strong consumer loyalty and brand image. The company is focussed on continual innovation and is thus searching for novel materials, products and other mechanisms to provide healthier and tastier food and to make food preparation / consumption easier and a more joyous experience. The client’s range of cookware is predominantly manufactured from solid silicone using injection and compression technologies and thus a primary focus of interest is silicone with improved properties, thereby providing: • Resistance to odour absorption. • Resistance to fat absorption and / or fat sticking. • Increased heat conductivity to provide homogenous heat distribution in the whole product. Liquid silicone would also be considered if it provided added advantage over the use of solid silicone. Other areas of interest include: • New paradigms in microwave cooking and technologies / products that might improve the use of microwave technology, such as browning / crisping effect, steaming and roasting (e.g. next generation susceptor technology) • Alternative cooking methods for which a range of dedicated accessories could be built (e.g. infrared, induction) • New raw materials e.g. ceramics, plastics, glass, composites, etc which can withstand temperatures in the range of -40°C to 240°C and have a mechanism to be hermetically sealed when moulded into a product, for portability (office / school lunches, picnics etc) • A convenient technology to make the cookware self-heating without being electrically heated. • Food grade thermo-chromic pigments, preferably stable up to 260°C and other ‘indicative’ technologies to show when food is cooked / defrosted etc. • Coatings / treatments to improve traditional cookware materials and enable new applications (e.g. non-stick for ceramics) • Innovative designs of cooking utensils, dishes, saucepans, etc (i.e. design of dish that enables something to cook differently) Our client is willing to assist in further development of appropriate solutions, but is particularly keen to find suppliers able to provide a continuing source of materials for the next generation of products. They are willing to consider relevant collaboration opportunities, including joint development, licensing and R&D relationships and are most interested in opportunities that will allow them some form of exclusivity or enable them to be first to market.
Sector: Manufacturing
Country: United Kingdom
Area of Application: Innovative cookware
Keywords: silicone, ceramics, innovative cookware, thermochromic pigments
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Target Countries: World Wide
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