Seeking disruptive food packaging to increase product sales and provide 'food on the go' that is quick to prepare, cook and eat
We are working with a large European food products company, specialising in innovative ingredients to ‘help you cook’ – their range of ambient products includes:- - ‘Wet’ food (soups, broths, vegetable sauces and ready meals) - ‘Dry’ foods and seasoning ingredients (dried soups, stock cubes, seasoning powders) These products assist consumers to prepare tasty and nutritious meals that have a natural and traditional ‘home-cooked’ flavour. Whilst these flavours are important to the consumer, the client recognises the consumer’s desire for improvement in both the functionality and sensorial profile of the products. They are aware that busy modern lifestyles have increased the consumption of food “on the go” and consumers prefer products that are easy to carry, to prepare and to consume. Therefore, they are interested in adding value to the packaging of their products and hence are keen to learn of new innovative packaging materials suitable for different cooking / heating processes. Packaging innovations should be for single-use by the consumer, be sustainable wherever possible, and provide functionality to make the final product a ‘must-buy’ product. Different types of packaging innovations that could be of interest for wet / dry products are: • Materials that enable microwave cooking, but provide the effect of grill / oven / frying (e.g. for pizzas, meat, etc) - the material could be a part of the product packaging or an added element contained in the packaging that eases the process of cooking • Rigid or semi-rigid containers (tray, cup, bowl, jar etc.) or flexible pouches which would help in cooking, especially in the microwave • Packaging which adds new functionality for increased consumer convenience – e.g. increased portability, assembled packaging with different compartments for easy mixing / preparation, non-burn materials, etc • Packaging that removes need for utensils or measuring device – e.g. incorporating dosing measurements for amount of water to add • Single use cooking devices such as plastic bags or new innovative container concepts to cook the meal directly and in a more efficient manner – e.g. to provide a cleaner, quick, tastier way to cook Of special interest is adding value to the ‘dry’ food packaging part of the client’s business:- • Sachets to easily mix a dry product with water and cook • Novel ideas which permit the conversion of a sachet into a convenient container for eating The client company is already working with some established partners, but is keen to explore solutions from all avenues, from academic research through to company R&D. Therefore, they are willing to consider all types of collaboration, including supplier relationships, licensing, joint product development, etc.
Sector: Manufacturing
Country: United Kingdom
Area of Application: Novel food packaging
Keywords: novel packaging, value added food packaging, portable food, microwave cooking
Transfer Terms: Technology Licensing
Project Type: New Idea
Target Countries: World Wide
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