Seeking Scrap Tyre Recycling Technology or Expertise
Our client is part of a major European group operating throughout the waste-recycling sector. Systematically extending its reach to incorporate all aspects of waste recycling, the company is now seeking partnering and investment opportunities in the tyre recycling sector and in return is offering marketing expertise and capital to help access appropriate markets. We are particularly seeking new product opportunities where our client’s recycled rubber crumb material can be a significant component and this will require them to add value to their current product. We will consider niche opportunities across a diverse range of products, markets and applications. The client is keen to find opportunities for markets outside the construction / landscaping industries where rubber crumb is currently used, and is considered a commodity product. For clarity this search forms part of our client’s diversification strategy and therefore all opportunities will be considered. Opportunities may include, but should not be limited to, the following markets:- - Filtration, e.g. membranes / activated carbon - Temporary flooring / interior materials for events and exhibitions - Absorption of energy / sound / impact / odour - Seals / closures / gaskets - Consumer products - Composite products - Drainage - Inert fillers / pigments - Energy generation …where the inherent properties of the rubber crumb can be utilised (e.g. calorific content, elasticity, flexibility, porosity, inertness, etc) The client is also aware that to improve the value of its recycled rubber material it must also find innovative technologies that refine / change or otherwise add value to its standard recycled product. We are therefore equally interested in relevant technologies / opportunities that add value to recycled rubber material by, for example:- - Refining or filtering the material further - Adding functionality, e.g. to allow biogas filtration - Improving potential strength - Activating carbon content - Agglomerating rubber crumb into consistently formable material - Processes to allow use as replacement for virgin rubber The client is willing to consider all relevant collaboration opportunities, including outright purchase, joint development, licensing and other mutually beneficial relationships that will allow them some form of exclusivity or the opportunity to be first to market.
Sector: Rubber
Country: United Kingdom
Area of Application: Value added recycled tyre products
Keywords: recycling tyre value added rubber products
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Project Type: New Idea
Target Countries: World Wide
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