Commercialization of innovative technologies is imperative, so that society could benefit from such technologies to advance Sustainable Development. Strengthening of linkages between research and market stakeholders is crucial in this respect. APCTT provides supports to Governments to design effective technology transfer and commercialization strategies and provides capacity-building to policymakers. The Centre facilitates creation of specialized networks and hosts technology databases. The Centre’s focuses are the cross-border business cooperation among technology promotion/transfer agencies, R&D institutions, small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), startups, and promoting technology-based business partnerships.

Capacity Building

APCTT supports capacity building through carefully designed workshops and training of trainers (ToT) programmes. APCTT delivers these programmes in partnership with APCTT’s focal points and nodal agencies at the national level including chambers of commerce and industrial federations in member countries.

  • Intellectual Property Management
    • Enabling IP policies are key drivers of innovation, technology transfer and enterprise development. It is equally important to protect the IP of inclusive and grassroots innovations which offer innovative solutions for local problems. Without appropriate awareness and management skills, SMEs may be unaware of the value or benefits of their IP, or may expose themselves to market risks. APCTT undertakes a series of capacity building initiatives in the Asia-Pacific to enhance awareness and understanding on Intellectual Property Management.