Description of technology
Biomass gasification and power generation technology is a kind of biomass energy utilization technology that converts biomass materials by gasifier into combustible fuel gas, such as CO, H2, CH4, and after being purified the fuel gas is sent to internal combustion engine for power generation. The technology can be used where biomass materials are abundant, such as stalk, chaff, peanut shell, wood powder, bark, etc.
Specific Features
Substitute biomass gas for traditional fuel to reduce power generation cost.
Keywords (maximum 5)
Biomass resource, Gasification, power generation
Status of Technology
Commercial Prototype
Biomass gasification and power generation technology will produce few air pollutants such as NOx and SO2. In the long-term, the economic and environment protection effect of applying clean biomass gas
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Areas where biomass materials are convenient to be collected and transported are suitable for the technology, such as large-scale timber mill、rice mill、farm or main crop planting region. Better economic benefit can be achieved if it can be combined
Name of the component
Gasifier, Internal combustion engine
Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion
Capacity/Wattage (W)
10MWth, 2MW
Voltage input (V)
75%, 30%
Total area required (sqM)
1500 m2
Materials required for construction
Civil work and workshop
4,500,000 RMB/y
Procedure of Installation
The installation of biomass gasification and power generation plant needs 6 months, of which 4.5 months for construction and the other 1.5 months for conditioning.
Maintenance requirements
Lubricating Oil
20,000,000 RMB (2MW)
Labor cost
600,000 RMB/y
Other costs
5,000,000 RMB
Total investment
25,000,000 RMB (2MW)
Technology transfer terms
Equipment Supply