Sri Lanka
Description of technology
The general information of Biomass Rice Cooker; Dimensions 40 x 33 x 63 cm Total weight 05 kg Warm up period 10 min Fuel consumption 150-200 g/batch Capacity 01 kg of rice Fuel Coconut shells Cooking Time 40 – 45 min Specifications Dry pieces of coconut shell are used as fuel. 1. Rice pan capacity - 1 kg of rice 2. Type of fuel - coconut shells 3. Size of fuel - 1” x 1” coconut shell pieces 4. Fuel consumption - 2 coconut shells per batch (150-200 g) 5. Portability - Portable 6. Cooking Time - 40 - 45 min
Specific Features
Use of fossil fuels in cooking. Can cook 1kg of rice with 2 coconut shells.
Keywords (maximum 5)
Rice, domestic, biomass, coconut shells
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
This Biomass Rice Cooker developed by National Engineering Research and Development Centre of Sri Lanka has number of attractive features as mentioned below; 1. Low fuel consumption (only two cocon
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Major advantage of this cooker is that, use of coconut shells daily collected in any house at no cost.
List of components used
Standard components No. Component Qty 01 Rice pan 01 02 Rice pan lid 01 03 Outer pan 01 04 Ash collector pan 01
Name of the component
Materials required for construction
Material Quantity GI pipe for chimney 1.5” 1 ft. ½ tube 1.5 ft. ¾” flat iron for handle 1 ft. Hoop iron for handle 1/2 ft. ¼” MS rod for handle ¼ ft. Wooden handle 01 No. Aluminium ¾” tube for wooden handle 1 in
Procedure of Installation
Ready to use
Maintenance requirements

Durability of this cooker depends on the proper and regular maintenance. As this cooker has no many moving parts and its simple design, it required less maintenance. However, the attention must be paid for following points;  Keep the cooker body cle
Total investment
USD 40 (approximate selling price in Sri Lanka)
Name of the organization
National Engineering Research and Development Centre
Address/Zip code
IDB Industrial Estate, Ekala, Ja-Ela
Sri Lanka
0094 -11-2236307, 0094-11-2236384