Description of technology
BIOTRIK is a biogas production unit using cattle manure and other biomass as its raw material at the bio digester to produce bio gas at household scale. Biogass is produced in bio digester through anaerob decomposting process of organic material. The biogas produced can be used for cooking and or as energy fo running an electricity generator. To produce biogas, biodigester is filled with cattle manures (cows, baffelows, pig, human, etc.) mixed with water with the ratio 1:2. For other organic waste have different treatment. Firstly, the waste is crashed into s (the ratio between organic material and water is 1:1). The process of decomposting biomass into biogas take place at the digester and the production of biogass will start at day seventh until day thirtieth since the biomass filled for the first time. The biogas produced will be accumulated at the upper part of the digester (dome) and channelled through a tap at the top of the dome. Biogass can be directly channelled to a cooking stove through a pipe or channlled to electricity generators. Decomposted biomass will become sludge that has to be taken out routinely and at the same time new biomass input filled into the digester. This can then ben converted into liquid and solid organic compost. To operate BIOTRIK does not require a high technical requirement. The operator just needs to maintain a continuous flow of input into the Digester to ensure continous production of biogass. It is also critical to avoid heavy material fall into the unit whih can cause leakages on the digester or the tube or pipe. Its application for high capacity electric generator, a special attention needs to be paid on the placement of the generator and also on the regulator of the bio gas flow to control the flow of the gas and safety aspect. BIOTRIK can applied at the farming areas, villages, etc.
Specific Features
Currently BIOTRIK is available in four types, i.e., 3 m3, 4 m3, 5 m3, and 7 m3. The user can choose appropriate BIOTRIK capacity in line with the number of animal or the volume of manure or organic waste available. For BIOTRIK with the capacity above 10
Keywords (maximum 5)
Digester, biogas, organic waste, electricity
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
1. Effective usage of cattle manure and other organic material and waste for producing biogass which can be used for cooking and to produce electricity in an environmentally friendly manner. 2. Preve
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Biogas for cooking and electricity; organic fertilizers; Municipal waste management.
List of components used
Digester components, inlet and outlet basins, pipe for waste and sludge, T Connector (T; 45 and 90 elbow), tap, water trap, gas holder, pipe for gas (pvc or hose), electricity generator (as necessary)
Name of the component
Genset 1KW Genset 2.5KW Genset 5kW
Capacity/Wattage (W)
1KW 2.5KW 5kW
Voltage input (V)
220 V
Efficiency (%)
Total area required (sqM)
20 sqM
Materials required for construction
 Digester made of resin eternal 2504, mat wr300/acak and mat anyam/wr200), and catalyst for hardening  Inlet and outlet basins made of resin eternal or cement/concrete.  Inlet pipe (PVC) 4 inch and 6 inch (adjustable with capacity), T Connected
Procedure of Installation
 Dig out a hole for digester—adjusted size with digester volume (e.g., 3 m3, 5 m3, 7 m3, or 9 m3)  Make channel and inlet/outlet basins; Digester component be assembled at the location and the dome on the upper part is connected with the gas pipe
Maintenance requirements
 Filling the biomass (manure, etc.) must be done daily to ensure a continuous- and optimal bio gas output. This can be done in the morning and in the afternoon;  Maximum biomass input filled into digester to be adjusted with digester capacity (hal
Rp. 387.275.000,- (Approx. US$ 43,000)  Four types of moulder  Other equipment for production  Land and building not included.
Working Capital
Rp. 4.403.109.000,- (3 months, capacity: 75 unit/month)
Already owned components
Rp. 99.256.300,- (Approx. US$ 11.028)
Labor cost
Rp. 33.750.000,- Rp.50.000,- /day, 5 day/week
Truck (rent)
Total investment
Rp. 4.923.390.300
Technology transfer terms
Name of the organization
Pusat PenelitianTenaga Listrik dan Mekatronik-LIPI
Address/Zip code
Jl.Sangkuriang Kompleks LIPI, Gedung 20
Bandung – Indonesia