Mini Hydro
Description of technology
Improved Watermill (IWM) is hydro based technology which converts the potential energy of water into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy, with the use of conveyer belt and pulley is eventually used to operate small capacity mills and for generating electricity in the rural areas.

This technology can be used in the hilly areas nearby a stream where flowing water and a suitable head can be accessed.

Traditional watermills (TWM) are widely operated in rural areas of Nepal and this IWM technology is the improvement of TWM hence the technology is not very complicated. Generally, with basic operation and maintenance training, mill owner can operate IWM and can perform maintenance.
Specific Features
It replaces diesel mills, operating for the purpose of grain grinding, rice husking and thrashing, oil expelling, rural carpentry etc.
Keywords (maximum 5)
Improved Water Mill, Traditional Water Mill, Rural area, Rural Electrification, diesel mill
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
People of rural areas are benefitted both financially and by reduction of drudgery (especially women and children). As it is hydro based technology it is environment friendly technology which replaces
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Small scale cottage industries are the major area of application. It has good business prospect in rural areas.
List of components used
IWM runner, Shaft, conveyer belt, pulley, bearings etc. In case of electrification, induction generator, IGC, ballast heater/tank, MCB etc are used additionally.
Name of the component
Name of the organization
Alternative Energy Promotion Centre
Address/Zip code
PO Box: 14364, Kathmandu Khumaltar Height, Lalitpur, Nepal
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