Republic of Korea
Description of technology
Solar Cell
- The solar cell is composed of 2 semiconductor thin firms(+, -) that converts sunlight directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect.
- According to the manufacturing system, the solar cell is classified as mono crystalline, poly crystalline or amorphous.
- The amount of power generated depends on the amount of direct sunlight.
Solar module is a device composed of solar cells connected in series or/and parallel in order to generate regular output.

Photoelectric Effect
- The photoelectric effect is a process whereby light falling on a surface knocks electrons out of the surface. Each electron is ejected by a single photon or light quantum striking the surface.
- In the quantum theory, the frequency, f, of the light determines the energy, E, of the photons in that light beam. E = hf, where his Planck's constant

Photovoltaic effect
- When photons strike a solar cell, they may be reflected or absorbed and the energy of the photon is transferred to an electron in an atom of the cell.
- With its newfound energy, the electron is able to escape from its normal position associated with that atom to become part of the current in an electrical circuit. By leaving this position, the
electron causes a hole to form.
- By electric potential difference, current will be set up when the load is connected.
Specific Features
Power plant (ex. Thermoelectric power plant)
Keywords (maximum 5)
Solar cell, Photovoltaic, On-grid Inverter
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
Widely applied in cases of all scales, from housings to generating plants.
-Controled by realtime system using Web Monitoring
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Incheon International Airport, Duksan water works, Korea National Housing Corporation
List of components used
- Solar module (Rubber profile, Front glass, Embedding medium, Solar cell, Back sheet, Frame)
- On-grid Photovoltaic System
- Monitoring System
- Battery
Name of the component
PVM S180 PVM S220
Capacity/Wattage (W)
PVM S180 - 180 (Wp) PVM S220 - 220 (Wp)
Voltage input (V)
PVM S180 - 44.82 PVM S220 - 36.22
Current consumed (A)
PVM S180 - 5.33 PVM S220 - 8.06
Efficiency (%)
PVM S180 - 14.6 PVM S220 - 13.66
S.K. Won 1,623,026,422,314
Working Capital
S.K. Won 747,511,053,987
Name of the organization
LS Industrial Systems Co., Ltd
Address/Zip code
LS Tower, 1026-6, Hogye-dong, Dongan-gu,
Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 431-848, Korea
Gyeonggi-do / Korea
+82-2-2034-4847 / +82-2-2034-4549