Mini Hydro
Description of technology
Pico Electricity Power Generation has the capacity to produce up to 5 kW with very low water stream by using very low head turbine.

Application of Pico hydro power is very suitable for remote areas utilizing the flow of water from irrigation or river at relatively flat areas or even from ditch.
Specific Features
This technology reduces the use of fossil fuel to produce energy; provide sustainable energy with natural resources; provide electricity for people in the remote areas.
Keywords (maximum 5)
Electricity, micro-, mini hydro power, mini hydro, low and high head, turbine
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
1. Many appropriate potential location;
2. Does not require big civil construction, low investment;
3. Can be managed easily by local people
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Can be implemented in areas with limited water potential
Name of the component
Maintenance requirements
- Maintenance of fuse of the control panel
- Replacement of bearing, belt and lubricant of the turbine
- Replacement of AVR at the generator
- Training provided for this maintenance for the operator on site
Technology transfer terms
Name of the organization
Pusat PenelitianTenaga Listrik dan Mekatronik
Address/Zip code
Jl.Sangkuriang Kompleks LIPI, Gedung 20
Bandung – Indonesia