Description of technology
Solar PV system is the technology comprising of solar PV module, charge controller, deep cycle battery, inverter and other installation materials.

Solar PV module converts sun energy into electricity.
Battery stores the energy generated by solar PV module.
Charge controller protects battery from overcharging and over discharging and hence enhances the life of battery.
Inverter is used to invert the direct current generated by solar PV module or the energy stored in the battery into alternating current.

This technology can be used as source of energy for any application. This technology can be used from basic lighting purpose to running the electrical appliances used in organization and households.

The person having basic knowledge of electricity can operate and do the general maintenance of the system.
Specific Features
It can replace kerosene, fire woods used for lighting purpose and the fossil fuel powered generators.
Keywords (maximum 5)
Solar Module, Battery, Charge controller
Status of Technology
Fully Commercialized
Low maintenance cost.
Long life.
Easy to handle and operate.
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Alternative Energy Promotion Centre
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