Description of technology
Low cost solar 2.5 Wp Photovoltaic based portable lamp with six LED lamps. It uses sunshine as a fuel to charge three 1.2 Volt rechargeable batteries. It is used in remote areas where there are no other affordable sources of electricity. After a few days of training even lay people can manufacture these lamps with required components in remote areas.
Specific Features
These lamps can be used as an electric table lamp with light output of not less than 30 lux when batteries are fully charged. It completely replaces hazardous kerosene based lamps used in many developing countries. It also replaces torch lights fitted wit
Keywords (maximum 5)
LED, Photovoltaic, Lamp, Kerosene, Lux
Status of Technology
Commercial Prototype
Replaces kerosene, payback period is less than 2 years based on 4 litres of kerosene consumption/month/hh.
Can be assembled even by illiterate people. No specialised manpower is needed when required
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Can be used anywhere where reliable sources of portable electricity based lamps are needed.
There is a big potential of manufacturing small scale industry to manufacture such lamps in villages. There are about 2 billion people in the world who have neve
List of components used
1. Six ten candela Led lamps (two such lamps) with required frame structure
2.One 2.5 Wp PV Module
3. Three 1.2 V Rechargeable batteries
4. Flexible cable
5. Charging indicator lamp.
6. Switch
7. Wires and accessories.
Name of the component
Low Cost Solar PV based lamps
Nepal Solar Energy Society in collaboration with Solar Tech company
Capacity/Wattage (W)
Voltage input (V)
Current consumed (A)
Efficiency (%)
More than 80% in focused area
Type of protection
Heat output delivered
Total area required (sqM)
Lamp base 16 cm x20 cm, PV module area 25 cm x 35 cm
Cooling system
Not required
Materials required for construction
Already mentioned
Procedure of Installation
No need to install because of its portability in nature
Total investment
NRs. 3500.0 per unit with two LED lamps, one transistor and one Solar PV Panel, 2.5 W
Technology transfer terms
Name of the organization
Nepal Solar Energy Society
Address/Zip code
P. O. Box 44, Patan, Lalitpur
+ 977 15525011