Description of technology
Solar Tunnel Dryer is a device for the drying of fruits, vegetables, ginger, tea, coffee, fish meat and herbs by the use of Solar energy. This dryer basically consists of axial fans, series of collectors where the heat is collected and dryers in which the drying materials are spread out in thin layer. Each collectors and dryers is modular in design which can be fabricated at required length, can easily transport and install easily at the rural parts also. PV driven fans or AC fans can be used as per requirement.
It is very useful for the farmers, cooperatives and small scale fruits and vegetables drying industry. No special expertise and skill is required to operate the dryer. Anybody who is involved in drying business can operate the dryer.
This tunnel dryer do not have any moving parts except the fan. Therefore, except occasional painting, changing of gaskets and regular cleaning of dryer, it is easy to maintain and does not require any skilled technician to maintain it. Local farmer, operator can easily maintain it.
Specific Features
The most common method of drying almost all kinds of agricultural product is still centuries- old sun drying. The product is directly spread in to the mat or pavement and in directly exposed to the sun and wind. Sun drying on the one hand is one of the ch
Status of Technology
Commercial Prototype
• The farmer can gain more monetary gain by producing good quality product by the use of solar tunnel dryer.
• Traditional sun drying require more manpower to spread and collect the drying mater
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Drying of fruits, vegetable, herbs , meat, fish etc
List of components used
Collector, Dryer, Fan and Stand
Name of the component
Total area required (sqM)
25 m2 (only for the dryer)
Materials required for construction
Aluminum Sheet, G.I. Sheet, M.S. Angle, Glass wool, Glass Pane, Blackboard Paint , Fan(AC/DC according to requirement)
Nepali Rs.400000.00
Maintenance requirements
Black painting once in a year and the checking of gaskets for leakage of air.
Working Capital
Nepali Rs.200000.00
Labor cost
Nepali Rs.300000.00
Depending upon the site
Technology transfer terms
Name of the organization
Research Centre for Applied Science and Technology(RECAST), Tribhuvan University
Address/Zip code
Kathmandu, Nepal