Description of technology
A solar water heating system is a simple and reliable energy source for your home. Generally, solar collectors are mounted on a south facing sloped or flat roof. Fluid (water or glycol) flows through the panel and is heated by the sun. It then runs to a solar storage tank connected to the existing water heater. The water heater only turns on if the solar-heated water still needs a temperature boost.

Flat-plate collectors contain a working fluid (water or a water-glycol mix) that flows through tubes in the collector, is heated directly by the sun, and carries that heat to the hot water storage tank. The dark glass covering and insulated backing are specially designed to collect heat and prevent it from being radiated back out of the collector.

Evacuated tube collectors have a set of long dark glass tubes with metal absorbers in their cores, which are heated by the sun. Cool working fluid flows past the top of the metal absorbers, is heated, and carries that heat to the hot water storage tank. The glass tubes are vacuum-sealed, making them very efficient heat collectors. The round tubes also help to capture solar energy even when the sun is lower in the sky.
Specific Features
It can replace the conventional natural gas, diesel or electricity based geysers.
SWH can be useful for rural areas where there is no access of fossil fuels and inhabitants use biomass for hot water.
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Solar thermal, Solar hot water,
Status of Technology
Commercial Prototype
Solar water heaters do not pollute. By investing in one, it will be avoiding carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and the other air pollution and wastes created when we utility generates p
Areas of application/Business opportunities
Domestic and commercial buildings, hot water industry (leather factories, pre heating of boiler water etc)
List of components used
Solar Storage Tank
Water Pump
Heat Exchangers
Expansion Tank
Backup Water Heater
Name of the component
Maintenance requirements
Maintenance costs for solar water heating systems are generally very low. Most solar water heating systems come with a five-year or ten-year warranty and require little maintenance. Once fitted your installer should leave written details of any maintenanc
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