19 to 20 April 2017
New Delhi, India


APCTT in partnership with the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (NISTADS) of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India has organised International Workshop on Science, Technology, Innovation and Management for Water Sustainability from 19 to 20 April 2017 in New Delhi, India. The workshop evaluated the accessibility, effectiveness, cost and maintenance of these technological solutions for wide spread use. It facilitated knowledge sharing between key stakeholders involved in the innovation, commercialization and use of safe and affordable water technologies, as well as the impacts achieved through technology transfer by different stakeholders.  Water sector experts from 6 countries in the Asia Pacific region namely, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand participated in this international workshop organized by APCTT. 

The key focus of this international workshop was to: identify available technologies, good practices, innovations and management practices to ensure sustainability and accessibility to safe drinking water; understand the current state of innovation and technology transfer in the water sector and challenges and opportunities; and facilitate sharing of best practices on water sustainability and accessibility to safe water through S&T, innovation and management. 


Document Title Document type File Type Language
Concept Note and Programme Concept note PDF English
Document Title Document type File Type Language
Key findings from NISTADS project on water contamination scenario and technology solution, by Dr. Madhulika Bhati Documents PDF English
Water Security: A vital strategy for sustainable water management, by Dr. Mukand S. Babel Documents PDF English
Water safety plan : A WHO project, by Dr Pranav Nagarnaik Documents PDF English
Water safety plan : Deflouridation plants, by Dr Atul V. Maldhure Documents PDF English
Current challenges and some best practices for sustainable water resource management in Bangladesh, by Dr.A.T.M. Shakhawat Hossain Documents PDF English
Current status of sustainable water management in Bhutan, by Mr. Shah Bir Rai Documents PDF English
Current scenario in sustainable water management in Nepal, by Mr. Dipak Gyawali Documents PDF English
Technology and best practices for sustainable water management in Sri Lanka, by Eng W J L S Fernando Documents PDF English
Technology Based Solutions to Water Challenges, by Dr. Sanjay Bajpai Documents PDF English
Climate Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA): An Approach for Planning and Adaptation Interventions for Water Management, by Dr. Mukand S. Babel Documents PDF English
International emerging technology landscape in sustainable water management, by Mr. Khang Lu Documents PDF English
Examples of Water Quality research programmes in India, by Dr. Neelima Alam Documents PDF English
Water Quality in Rajasthan: Issues and Challenges, by Dr. Charu Jhamaria Documents PDF English
Regional technology cooperation for sustainable water management to achieve SDG-6 in the Asia-Pacific, by Dr. Satyabrata Sahu Documents PDF English
Development and Mamagement of Climate resilient decentralised fresh water sources, by Mr. Akash Bhavsar Documents PDF English
Waste Water – The Untapped Resource : A Snapshot of the United Nations World Water Development Report 2017, by Dr. Krishnan Srinivasaraghavan Documents PDF English
Sustainability in management of groundwater is effective jointly with scientific inputs and stakeholder's decision making, by Dr. N. C. Mondal Documents PDF English
Virtual water policy for sustainable water, by Dr. P Goswami Documents PDF English
Innovative Membrane Technologies for Water Purification, by Dr. Nivedita Sahu & Mr. Y V L Ravi Kumar Documents PDF English
IWMI’s Work on Sustainable Water Management and Technologies, by Dr. Krishna Reddy Documents PDF English