Agriculture & Agro-industry
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A Herbal Pesticide
A Portable Harvesting Tool for Thorny Species
ABT Rooting Powder - a Plant Growth Regulator
Agriculture Soap
Bio Pesticde - Nema Gel
Bio-Ethanol Production (United Kingdom)
Bioferilizer production
Bioferilizer Production ( Technology Request)
Biofungicidal Formulation
Bioherbicide Formulation
Biopesticides - Microbial & Neem Based Manufacturing
Cashew processsing for rural communities
Chitin and Chitosan
Coconut Cream Extractor (Fiji)
Composting Process using Microbes and Herbal Extracts
Continuous Room-Temperature Biodiesel Production
Crop Specific(BANANA) Micronutrient Formula (Foliar Application)
Dry Milling Corn Process
Effective Technology for Decortication of Fibrous Plants Producing Raw Material For Pulp, Paper and Composite Industry
Electro Vibration System for Husk Seperation
Farm Truck with Articulated Basket Boom Model 752
Fertilizer Mixing and Packing
Fogger Sprayer and High-range Sprayer
Food and Agricultural Products Irradiation
Food Processing Equipment
Food Processing Equipment
Food Processing Machinery
Food storage
Formulation for Controlling Storage Pests of Food Grains
Formulation for Enhancing Soil Fertility using Waste Materials
Four-wheel Farm Truck with a Crane and Basket Boom Model 834
Grass Mower Patipong P2005
Healthcare products
Herbal Formulation for Foot Corns
Herbal Formulation for Psoriasis and Eczema
Herbal Insecticidal Formulations
Herbal Insecticidal Formulations
Herbal Termite Killer Formulation
Honey evaporator
Honey evaporator
Irradiation of Food and Agricultural Products
Liquid Bio-fertiliser Manufacturing
Low HP Tractor Technology Required (12- 25 HP)
Manufacture of Potassium Humate(Humic acid) Liquid 2-4%
Manufacturing plant of Activated Carbon
Master Traps for Insect and Pest Management
Micronutrient for Vegetable Crop
MYRSOFT III Bread Improver