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1 mw Direct Drive PMSG Wind Turbine Generator as per GL2010
3-D Solar Cells
300W Hydro Generator (Australia)
3D Scanners
96-well U-bottom microplate
A Control Circuit For Diode-based RF Circuits
A Control Circuit for Diode-based RF Circuits
A Control Circuit For Diode-based RF Circuits
A Device for Compensating the Effect of Temperature Variation on the Brightness of LEDs
A Device For Tracking and Cleaning Solar Energy Plants
A Formulation for Treating Leishmaniasis
A Herbal Formulation for Healing and Protecting Skin
A Herbal Pesticide
A Herbal Repellant Formulation
A Herbal Toothpaste
A Library of New Small Molecules With Potential Applications as Anticancer, Antiviral Drugs
A Lipid-based Drug for Treating Cancer
A Liquid Anode Radiation Source with Head Stand Capability
A Method for Preparation of Andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata
A Method to Prepare Standardized Extract of Gymnema sylvestre leaves for 75% Gymnemic acids
A Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTS) Based Gas /Vapor Sensor Systems and a Process for the Preparation thereof.
A Natural Preparation for the Relief of Anxiety
A New Method for Cheaper and Longer Lasting Bioimplants
A New Method to Synthesize Anti-malarial Drug and its Analogues
A New Patented Method and Device to Locally Forecast and Mitigate Threat and Damage of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
A New Recombinant Mouse-Human Antibody against Hepatitis-B
A Novel Capsul Having Faster Disintegration & Dissolution Property
A Novel Central Venous Catheter System for Subclavial or Jugular Vein Puncture
A Novel Composition for Peptic Ulcers
A Novel Composition for Prevention & Treatment of Filariasis
A Novel Composition for Skin Problems
A novel composition for STDs and AIDS
A Novel Compound with Leishmanicidal Activity
A Novel drug delivery for AIDS
A Novel Dye for Staining Proteins on a Gel
A Novel method for Control of Mosquitoes
A novel method of Methanone Preparation
A Novel Pharmaceutical Composition for The Treatment of Ophthalmic Disease
A Novel Polysaccharide Anti-Cancer Agent
A Novel Process Foramides Synthesisamides Synthesis
A Novel Therapeutic Approach for Preventing and Treating Atherosclerosis
A Plasmid Construct for Testing the Resistance of HIV-1 Subtype C Virus
A Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) Emulator with tunable First Order PMD and a Constant Second Order PMD for Emulation of PMD in Optical Network Systems
A Portable Harvesting Tool for Thorny Species
A Prenatal Testing and Screening Kit for the Detection of Neural Tube Defect
A Process and Method for Standardized Extract of Withania somnifera and Pharmaceutical Uses
A Process for Isolation and Purification of Curcuminoids from Curcuma longa
A Prophylactic Contraceptive for HIV/AIDs