Agriculture & Agro-industry
Automotive Components
Ceramics & Glass
Submit Parternship Offer
2,4 D Hebicides
80 Acres of Land for JV in Ship Building
A Device for Tracking and Cleaning Solar Energy Plants
Aloe-Vera cultivation
Aluminium related production projects
Anti Virus Software- Virus Stopper R & D on Anti – Virus Software
Anti Virus Software- Virus Stopper R & D on Anti – Virus Software
Bidi manifacturing machine
BioGreen or White Coal Manufacturering.
Biomass Production and Export
Brick construction plant
Canning Plant Erection and commissioning
Ceramic Manufacturing - Request for Joint Venture
Chitin Chitosan Glucosan Production from Waste
Chocolate Machines
Coherently-cyclic Cluster-matter Universe Model and its Applications
Combined Cycle Efficiencies at Simple Cycle Prices
Contract manufacturing Services
Conversed Military Technologies for Agricultural Sector
Disposable Petriplates and Pre-filled Agar Plates for Microbiological Use
Electrical Product Manufacturing
Electroplating (Chromium Plating) Using Organic Compounds
Electroplating Technologies
Export of limekiln for the manifacturing of calcinated lime
Food processing - Test
Food Processing Industry
Fuel Cell Technology
Garments & Pharmaceuticals.
Green Energy Project
Green Energy Project
Herbal, Microbial, Waste Utilization, Enzyme & Fermentation Technology
Interested in JV in Chemicals, Health, Medical Electronics and Instrumentation Fields
Inviting Joint Venture/Distributionship Proposal for Various Sectors
Joint Venture Business Plan for Waste Paper Recycling Plantp
Joint Venture for Automotive Manufacturing Unit
Joint venture In Agri-Biotech Sector
Joint Venture in Electrical and Electronics
Joint Venture in Herbal-based Drugs
Joint Venture offer
Joint Venture Opportunity in Readymade Garments Industry
Joint Venture Opportunity in Readymade Garments Industry
Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA) Manufacturing Plant
Looking for Venture Capitalists and Partners
Multi Compartment Monopacking For Long shelf Life of Food (Without Refrigeration or Preservatives)
Nature Alliance
Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech / Gearturbine Project – Featured Development
Partnership Opportunities in SriLankan Packaging Industry