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: Photovoltaic is the way to convert sunlight directly to electrical energy by using photoelectric effect of solar cells

- Web-based remote monitoring / control system provides : Efficient operation and management

-Real-time operation data / status information

-It can be installed anywhere (where the demand for power is)
Solar Cell
- The solar cell is composed of 2 semiconductor thin firms(+, -) that converts sunlight directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect.
- According to the manufacturing system, the solar cell is classified as mono crystalline, poly crystalline or amorphous.
- The amount of power generated depends on the amount of direct sunlight.
Solar module is a…
Pico Electricity Power Generation has the capacity to produce up to 5 kW with very low water stream by using very low head turbine.

Application of Pico hydro power is very suitable for remote areas utilizing the flow of water from irrigation or river at relatively flat areas or even from ditch.
PM Generator
: A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy which consists of permanent magnet and other component.

-For small wind turbine, hydro power etc.
-Slotless, inner rotor
-Gearless, direct drive, rpm
-High torque, no cogging
-Compact and light weighted
-In this way, retaining all the merits of the…

Biogas is a combustible gas mixture which mainly includes methane and carbon dioxide. It was usually used for heating, cooking, lighting, generating electricity as rural energy. It was produced from organic matter by a variety of microorganism under anaerobic environment. The eligible building of anaerobic digester, sufficient raw material and inoculum are required to produce biogas.…
This machine is suitable for dehydration of vegetables, fruits, potatoes, jack fruit etc. for preservation. Machine consist with two saw dust stoves for providing the required heat, one electric fan for providing the required air flow, dehydration chamber comprising ten trays, heating chamber and chimney etc. Specification of the dehydrator 1. Capacity - 20 kg (wet weight) 2. Drying period - 6 â…
Solar Heat
: Hot water + Heating (by using solar energy)

-Easy-to-install pre-packaged product(Consist of automatic water supply, solar energy loss prevention system, heat exchanger, solar energy circulation control system, heat storage tank)

-Multi-function control system : Boiler control, storage control and heating control

- Heating part and…
Solar PV system is the technology comprising of solar PV module, charge controller, deep cycle battery, inverter and other installation materials.

Solar PV module converts sun energy into electricity.
Battery stores the energy generated by solar PV module.
Charge controller protects battery from overcharging and over discharging and hence enhances the life of battery…
Solar still is an apparatus where brackish water is distilled utilizing Solar Energy. For a tropical country like Sri Lanka which is blessed with more than 270 good sunny days, solar distillation of water is an appropriate technology. The efficiency of the Solar Still is further increased when it is used in dry zone of the country.

Construction :
1. Use of blackened…
The basic principles of solar water distillation are simple yet effective, as distillation replicates the way nature makes rain.
The sun's energy heats water to the point of evaporation. As the water evaporates, water vapour rises, condensing on the glass surface for collection. This process removes impurities such as salts and heavy metals as well as eliminates microbiological…