Disaster Management and Mitigation
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Affordable Quake-proof Adobe Housing (Peru)
Avoid Elbow Erosion from Coal/Ash/Catalytic Slurries
Bicycle-powered Portable Water Filter System
Broad Band Transport via Satellite
Canine Search and Rescue Technology
Communication System for Emergency Telemedicine
Deployable Telemedicine Kit
Early Warning System for Disaster-prone Development Areas
Earthquake-proof Concrete Homes (Indonesia)
Earthquake-proof Foam House
Earthquake-proof House
Economical Disaster Resistant Housing Construction system
Fire-, Earthquake- and Tornado-proof Transportable Buildings (Bulgaria)
Floating Homes (The Netherlands)
Forecasting System for Flood Warnings in Bangladesh
High-tech Tool for Disaster Rescue
Hydraulic Excavator with Different Demolition Attachments
Integrated Public Alert and Warning System
Light Steel Cabinet House for Cyclone-affected Areas (China)
Light Steel House for Disaster-Prone Areas (China)
Low cost Earthquake-proof Houses
Low-cost Solar Cooker
Mechanical Mole in Search for Disaster Survivors
Membrane technology for Water Filtration System
Mobile Water Purification Unit for Safe Drinking water
New Disaster Management Technology For Hospitals
New formula for making trademarks + much more trademarks
Portable Foldable Oven
Portable Generator for Converting Waste into Electricity
Portable High-speed DNA Analysis Device (Japan)
Portable Power Generator - EGAS
Portable Power System for Disaster Relief
Portable Unit for Treatment of Wastewater in Remote Areas
Quake Alarm for Houses
Quake-proof Jute-coir Houses
Quake-resistant Housing (USA)
Radio Control Dozer
Roll-up Solar Panels for Powering Disaster Rescue Kit
Scrap Tires for Filtering Wastewater (USA)
Solar Cookers for Disaster Situations
Solar Powered Disaster Preparedness Flashlight/radio
Solar- and Wind-Powered System for Disaster Sites
Solar-powered Water Purification System
Solar-powered Water Treatment and Back-up Energy Generating Machine
Steel Wall for Quake-proof Construction
Technique to Purify Water Contaminated by Natural Disasters
Tsunami Disaster Information Alert System
Tsunami warning system for India
Two formulas for making trademarks
Ultraviolet Lamp for Suppressing Bad Odor (China)