Information Technology
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3D Scanners
A Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) Emulator with tunable First Order PMD and a Constant Second Order PMD for Emulation of PMD in Optical Network Systems
Antenna for Mobile Communication Terminal
Clipped Constant Envelope M-ary Variant Multi-code TD for High-speed Wireless Multi-media Transmission LAN/PAN, using an Inexpensive Amplifier
Complex SMS Compression, Translation and Text to Speech Technology
Computational Techniques
Computational Techniques
Computer Systems Design
Core Codec Chip Development for Next Generation Digital Camera-SoC Chip (JPEG+HDD+ARM7)
Creating Method of Division Access Code for Super High Speed Optical Code using Array Long Period Fiber Gratings
Development of Network-based Ultrasonic Distance Sensing System
Development of Resource Scheduling Algorithm Adaptable Type to its Base of Resource Elements Graph
Development of RFID based Middle Ware
Development Technology of Frame Base Application
Educational Information System
Electronic System Technology and Source Code Analysis
H.264 DVR system
H.264/BSAC/Demux Software for Ground Wave DMB
Home Entertainment HUB
Humidity Sensor Package
Implementation of Protection System of Optical-Digital Information using Correlator and Concealment Method of Digital Information
Instant Cash Acceptance and Payment Network
Internet Solution of Issuing Kinds of Certificates using 2-Dimensional Bar Code
Ion Source
Letter Input S/W for Mini Keyboard
Multi-channel JPEG core
Multi-Purpose Lighting Devices with Variable Light Color
Nano-Qplus and Sensor Network Solution
New formula for making trademarks + much more trademarks
New formula for making trademarks + much more trademarks
Non-ball Surface Lens
Normal Pressure Plasma
Offer Embedded System Software Development
On-line Payment/Charging System
Online Examination With Use of Electronic and Touch Sensitive Inputs
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software
Payment and Customer-Management Solution through Mobile
Photo Viewer & Backup Device
PMP(Portable Multimedia Player) Development
Real-time MPEG Audio CODEC Software
Regression Test Tool and Interaction Analyzer
Rehabilitating Device for the Blind using Dimensional Bar Code
Rural Technology
SANique Cluster Data Sharing. (Cluster file system)
Services for Self-Sustainability of the Telecentres in Sri Lanka
Software with Artificial Reasoning
Source Code or Machine Code Analysis