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A Herbal Repellant Formulation
A Herbal Toothpaste
A Liquid Anode Radiation Source with Head Stand Capability
A Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTS) Based Gas /Vapor Sensor Systems and a Process for the Preparation thereof.
Advanced sofa-cum-bed
Air Ambiator - An Alternative Air Conditioner (India)
Airborne Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) (Thailand)
An Improved Method for Manufacturing of Bacopa monnieri Extract
An Improved Process for Isolation and Purification of Lysergol from Ipomoeia hederacea seeds
Consultancy Services for Sri Lankan Industrialists in Technology Transfer
Consultancy Services in Landslide Hazard Potential Evaluation
Consultancy Services to the Industrial Community in all Disciplines of Engineering
Dental Laser (Rep. of Korea)
Energy Efficient Gypsum Calcinator (India)
Fabrication of Thin Films Via Solgel Chemical Method (Thailand)
Fibrous Gypsum Plaster Boards (India)
Herbal Synergistic Composition for a Nutraceutical in the Prevention & Treatment of Diabetes
Horizontal sundial
Hydrated Lime Plant (India)
Itching on Metal
L-Alanine (China)
Laser Processing (India)
Moly Non-Carbonising Fluid (United Kingdom)
New formula for making trademarks + much more trademarks
Optical Proximity Sensor for Safety Applications (UK/Finland)
PE Tubes for Cosmetics Applications (Rep. of Korea)
Portable Infrared Thermograph for Visualisation and Measuring of Thermal Fields ( Russian Federation)
Renewable Technology of Straw (China)
Shaving Device With a Razor Blade
Silicone Artistic Paint
Sound and Heat Insulation (Switzerland)
Sound and Heat Insulation (Switzerland)
Tale Pillow
Technology for Determining the Absorption of Weakly Absorbing & Scattering Liquid Samples
The Back-up (Thailand)
Tree Surgeon Training (Fiji)
Two formulas for making trademarks
Xylitol (China)