Renewable Energy Technologies
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1 mw Direct Drive PMSG Wind Turbine Generator as per GL2010
3-D Solar Cells
300W Hydro Generator (Australia)
A Device For Tracking and Cleaning Solar Energy Plants
Benefuel refinery (USA)
Biodiesel Production (Germany)
Biomass Gasifier System
Breakthrough in Biodiesel Process (India)
Carbon-neutral Power Generation
Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
Cellulosic Ethanol from Bagasse (Brazil)
CETO Wave Energy Eystem
Cheaper Solar Power
Cheaper Way to Produce Dye-sensitive Solar Cells
Concentrating Solar Cell Receiver Assembly
DEXA Wave Energy Converter
Efficient Hydrogen Production
Efficient Renewable Free Fuel Power Solution (USA)
Electric reactor based on a chain reaction. Fuel-free electric power station of 10 kW
Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Biomass
Ettridge Wind Turbine
Fuel cell technology (Technology Request)
Fuel for Micro Fuel Cells
Furanics Biofuels (The Netherlands)
Geothermal Energy Converter (USA)
Geothermal Energy Extraction (UK)
Geothermal System (USA)
Gyro Wave Gen
Hales Tidal Turbine
High-speed charging electro cars with solar technologies
Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Technology (USA)
Hydropower Kinetic Technology (USA)
Industrialized Bio-oil Refining
Innovative aluminium flat solar collector
Kalina Power Cycle Technology (Germany)
Loopwing Wind Turbine
Low-cost Modular Turbine Systems (UK)
Manufacture of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Manufacture of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Manufacture of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Manufacturing Flexible Solar Cells
Mass Production Technology for Triple-junction Thin-film Solar Cells
Method for Depositing Semiconductive Materials for Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Micro Hydro Units (Australia)
Micro Turbine Generator Set (India)
Micro-hydro Power for Villages (Philippines)
Micro-wind Turbine Technology for Crowded Cities
Modular System for Generating Electricity from Moving Water (Canada)
Near Shore Wave Energy Converter
New Cost-effective Solar Energy