Agriculture & Agro-industry
Automotive Components
Ceramics & Glass
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Micronutrient for Vegetable Crop
Mineral Water Enriched with Capsaicin and Humic Acid
Mineral water enriched with capsaicin and humic acid
Mobile Phone Based Blood Glucose Monitoring Technology
Mobile Pneumothorax (PTX) Detection Apparatus
Mobile Water Purification Unit for Safe Drinking water
Modification Batch-poly Plant to C.P.Plant
Modular System for Generating Electricity from Moving Water (Canada)
MOLD - An integral component of Fan,Auto,Refrigerator.
Moly Non-Carbonising Fluid
Moly Non-Carbonising Fluid (United Kingdom)
Monochloro Acetic Acid
Motorised Bicycle (Fiji)
Movie Making Camera
Multi Chopper
Multi component Distillation
Multi-channel JPEG core
Multi-purpose and Fast Working Food Processor
Multi-purpose and Portable Machine for Cleaning and Conditioning Vehicles
Multi-Purpose Lighting Devices with Variable Light Color
Multi-therapeutic Herbal Drug
Multi-Use Cleaning Machines (China)
Multifunctional Scaffolds
Mustard Essential Oil
MYRSOFT III Bread Improver
Nano-Qplus and Sensor Network Solution
Nanogold-loaded Sharp-edged Carbon Bullets as Gene Carriers
Nanoparticle for Drug Delivery
Nanoparticle-Polymer Complex for Sustained Release of Oral Care Products
Nanopatch Sensor in Cell Membrane
Nanotechnology Value-added Products for Industrial and Domestic Applications
Natural Dyes
Natural Dyes / Oleoresins Mfg.using State of the art Technology
Natural Rope ( Hemp / Jute / Sisal )
Natural rubber latex based flowers for floral decor
Near Shore Wave Energy Converter
New and Rebuilt Screw and Barells for all Plastic Extruder
New Cost-effective Solar Energy
New design of tire by Mobius Strip
New Design of Tyre by Möbius Strip
New Designs for Woodworking Furniture
New Device for Investigation Compactness-rate and Dynamic Modulus of Earthwork
New Disaster Management Technology For Hospitals
New Disposable Petriplates
New Field Crop Varieties
New Formula for Making Trademarks
New formula for making trademarks + much more trademarks
New formula for making trademarks + much more trademarks
New formula for making trademarks + much more trademarks
New formula for making trademarks + much more trademarks