Medical Technologies
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A New Method for Cheaper and Longer Lasting Bioimplants
A Novel Capsul Having Faster Disintegration & Dissolution Property
A Novel Central Venous Catheter System for Subclavial or Jugular Vein Puncture
A Novel Composition for Peptic Ulcers
A Novel Therapeutic Approach for Preventing and Treating Atherosclerosis
A Plasmid Construct for Testing the Resistance of HIV-1 Subtype C Virus
A Rapid Diagnostic Kit and Reagents for Detecting Dengue Infections
Accurate Guide Wire Positioning System for Orthopedic Implant/trauma Surgeries
An Improved and Superior Vascular Stent
Biodegradable Polymer Scaffold for Wound Dressing, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
Biomaterials from Regenerated Silk Fibroin
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Composite Anti-Retroviral Drug and its Process
Development of a basic corset called “SASH” in the treatment of intervertebral disc herniation
Diagnostic Probe, Kit and Method for Tonometric Examination
Electrophysiological Method and Software to Recognize Amblyopia in Early Childhood Stage
Establishing Syringe Manufacturing plant
Extracellular Phytase with Improved Thermostability
Heat Penetrating Cordless Thermal Pad
Hemodialysis Machine 2001D
Herbal Remedy to Prevent Atherosclerosis
Identification and Uilization of Antibacterial Agents
Innovative Bio-compatible Plug for Orthopaedic Hip Prosthesis
Insulin Measuring Device
Macrofilaricidal Agent
Manufacturing of Diabetes Foot Ulcers Medicine
Mineral water enriched with capsaicin and humic acid
Mobile Phone Based Blood Glucose Monitoring Technology
Mobile Pneumothorax (PTX) Detection Apparatus
Nanoparticle for Drug Delivery
New Formula for Making Trademarks
New formula for making trademarks + much more trademarks
Novel Digital Dermoscopy Device
Novel Polysaccharide as Anti-Cancer Agent
Novel Screening methods to Prevent Osteoporosis
One Day Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
Personalized Medicine to Control Warfarin Therapy
Preparation of Ferrofluids with desired magnetization characteristic
Process of Preparation of Triprolidine
Quinazolinone - Derivatives and Their Applications
Rapid test for Multidrug Resistant Infections
Special Seating and Positioning Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair
Spine Stabilizing Implant Family
Stable Gene Variants of Lipases
Stereoscopic Location Device
Sterile Protein Composition Method
Technology for Virtual Motor and Cognitive Rehabilitation
Two formulas for making trademarks
Use of Genes as Molecular Markers in the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia and Diagnostic Kit for the Same
Vacuum Pump Filter