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A Formulation for Treating Leishmaniasis
A Herbal Formulation for Healing and Protecting Skin
A Library of New Small Molecules With Potential Applications as Anticancer, Antiviral Drugs
A Lipid-based Drug for Treating Cancer
A Method for Preparation of Andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata
A Method to Prepare Standardized Extract of Gymnema sylvestre leaves for 75% Gymnemic acids
A Natural Preparation for the Relief of Anxiety
A New Method to Synthesize Anti-malarial Drug and its Analogues
A New Recombinant Mouse-Human Antibody against Hepatitis-B
A Novel Composition for Prevention & Treatment of Filariasis
A Novel Composition for Skin Problems
A novel composition for STDs and AIDS
A Novel drug delivery for AIDS
A Novel Dye for Staining Proteins on a Gel
A Novel method for Control of Mosquitoes
A novel method of Methanone Preparation
A Novel Polysaccharide Anti-Cancer Agent
A Novel Process Foramides Synthesisamides Synthesis
A Process and Method for Standardized Extract of Withania somnifera and Pharmaceutical Uses
A Process for Isolation and Purification of Curcuminoids from Curcuma longa
A Prophylactic Contraceptive for HIV/AIDs
A Superior System for Catheter Needle Placement
Aluminium / Magnesium Antacids
Aluminum and Magnesium based Antacids
An Improved Method for Commercial Manufacturing of Horse Chestnut Extract Having ß- escin Not Less Than 20%.
An Improved Method for Manufacturing of 40% Gokharu
Animal Model System to Study Pathogenesis
Anti - Ulceritic APIs
Anti-Cancer Health Food
Betel Extract for Treatment of Different Malignancies
Biodegradable Microparticles for Drug Delivery
Biopsy Needle Placement Instrument
Clorsulon and its Intermediates
Composition and Method of Water Soluble Extract of Defined Content of Kutkin from Picrorrhiza kaurva rhizomes
Dendritic Cell Vaccination for Treatment of Gynecologic Cancer and Other Malignancies
Dengue Tetravalent Vaccine
Detection and Analysis of Heavy Metals in the Industrial Effluents
Detection kit for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Detection of Causative Agents of Ocular and Nervous System Infections
Diagnostic Kit for Rapid Detection of Dengue
Disposable Blood Bag Systems
Economical Bio-insecticide for Mosquitoes
Economical Levobupivacaine Synthesis Process
Extended Release of ISMN
Filter Cleaning System
Healthy Energy Drink
Herbal Cream Formulation for Wound / Burn healing, Skin care and Piles cure and method of preparing the same.
Herbal Extracts and Phytochemicals
Herbal Formulation with Antibacterial Activity for Urinary Tract Infection
Herbal Hair Oil Formulation